"Deaths' Day Off" 3" Enamel Pin

$12.00 - $62.00
"Deaths' Day Off" 3" Enamel Pin

After a few months of little/slow production, I am happy to announce the next pin to be produced, "Deaths'Day Off".

This pin depicts The Grim Reaper looking downwards as he floats away with balloons instead of a scythe in hand.

This design comes in six (6) variants. There will be a limited amount of full sets available at a discounted price. This pre order will be available until August 7th! This soft enamel pin will be 3" tall, 3x posted and backstamped.

Since this is a pre order, they will ship once they arrive from production, which is usually a 4-5 weeks.

Details on every variant is as follows :

"Solar Flare" - Red Metal, Black Glitter, Orange and Yellow Glow

"OG" - black metal,Death Glows, Balloons Glitter

"Nemesis" - White metal, Full Glow

"Murder" - Gold Metal, Black Glitter, White Glow

"Cosmic Ghost" - Ano Metal, Full Glow

"Skeletor" - Full Glow

*Selection of which varaint will be available only during pre order, after the 7th they will be blind bagged*